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Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Almogia to Villanueva de la Concepcion

Almogia to Villanueva de la Concepcion. Though I constantly say no boots are needed on the Camino, today I wished for boots, at least for the first hour. Getting out of town you continue down the road from the Albergue. The hospitalero, who was very sweet, insisted when we reached a "seal of the city" we should go left, go left, go left. However the flechas amarillas clearly pointed RIGHT and so we went right. We followed them through an alleyway that ended with arrow very difficult to see going up a tiny trail. Following the arrows it was a rocky scramble down a very steep steep trail past a farmhouse on the right with a big swimming pool.   
The arrow then suggested we go left, and we did, and soon the arrows disappeared even though we were being very vigilant. Continuing on a country roadway we passed a farm and the road made a sharp left. My walking friend had a GPS but seeing how he wandered lost for 40k yesterday, I decided to depend on my gut. I could see the main road at the top of the hill so I followed the road first left, then right up to the Main highway. At that point I heard Nicolas hollaring he had found the Camino. But I wasn't about to go back down that hill. Instead I turned RIGHT on the main road and soon saw a sign indicating 18 k. I was happy. The road was not busy. It was flat. It was pouring rain and there was no mud. After 10 minutes I saw Nicholas walking a road parallel to me. We exchanged shouts and I stayed on the road.
The good news. On the trail there is nothing between Almogia and Villnueva. But on the road, at 8 k. Is a lovely bar where I am enjoying a warm rest, a cervesa con limon, and a big ensalada mixta as well as free wifi. And the views from the road after passing the mountains to the left were just spectacular!  
Unbelievably, there were 8 pilgrims in the Albergue last night. I have no idea what will happen in Villanueva. Hopefully once the four beds are filled, they will have a place for the rest of us.   Kitchen with microwave but nothing else   Two bathrooms, both with tubs- but hot water goes fast   
Tomorrow should be sunshine and a short day. Annie


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    1. Only on the Malaga route, Mureen. Lots of rocky steep path and mud. Not where you will be walking.


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