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Saturday, April 16, 2016

Atocha Station Madrid

Atocha station is huge and a fun place to explore. There are restaurants, stalls selling everything  from dried fruit to clothing and jewelry, an atrium with a turtle pond and more.

Most of the food is affordable and some will be familiar. 

The station has fancy new bathrooms that are an incredible upgrade from what was there two years ago. You must pay to use them but it is worth the 69 cents to have a spacious, clean and secure place to do your business. Have your change ready. Put it in the Maxine and walk through the turnstile. Don't forget your receipt. It gives you a discount on items in participating stores or makes a great memento!

The lady sanitizes the toilets and sinks regularly. The stall is spacious with places for your jackets and bag. 

There is a hook for your jacket or umbrella. 

The receipt!

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  1. Annie, a bit late to recognize now, but I was at Atocha April 16th! Back home since the 15th after an amazing trip. Enjoying your blog after the fact. Buen Camino. Claud


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