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Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Camino Malaga (Semi) Final Packing List

For those of you who saw my 11 pound pack,
I spoke too soon.
Now that I have packed EVERYTHING I'll need
for my Malaga to Cordoba Camino,
my Camino Frances,
and my Camino Madrid,
my bag weighs a whopping 14 pounds!
I weigh 160,
so this still leaves 2 pounds for water 
which equals about a liter,
and I rarely carry that much water.
So I'm pretty happy.
And.. I may dump some of this
when I get to Madrid
or send it ahead for the Camino Frances walk.
I did bring an iPad 4 tablet,
which shocked even me,
since I don't like carrying electronics.
But I felt it would be easier with my group,
and who knows,
at the last minute, I may decide to leave it behind.
Or not.
It's the one item that is driving me mad...

So.. here it all is piled on the table...

In the box are my Pacer Poles
I would never have taken my Pacer Poles to do the Camino Frances alone.
But looking at the maps and the blogs on the Camino Malaga
made me realize I would need them.
The first three days on the Malaga route 
look like the first 8 kilometers on the SJPP to Orisson route!
So they're going,
but I'll check them.
Here is what is now in my pack:
My ALTUS Poncho in a nysil bag

Here is my Laundry/Bath bag and what is inside is:

hiker's wool
rubber clothesline
deodorant (in red container)
sleep mask, earplugs, and tiny light
1 container with safety pins and 2 plugs adaptors
1 container with soap
scrubby washcloth for my face/body

Next is my sun/cold weather bag. 
It will be HOT on this route during the day,
but COLD at night, 
so I had to add some items:

Sun Arms to keep the sun off
"Cold" weather stuff

Gloves, microfiber hat, microfiber buff, 
and a LONG BIG but very lightweight scarf for walking in the sun.

Next is my clothing bag.
A compressible Eagle Creek Bag.
Inside are the following:
Macabi skirt
short sleeved merino wool tee
long sleeved merino wool tee
merino wool longjohn shirt
3 panties
2 socks
2 bras
and I stuffed my new flip flops in there for the flight

Clothes and flip flops

Next is my medicine kit, which contains:
surgical tape
gel toe covers
2 silicone toe spacers
12 ibuprofin
12 benedryl
12 melatonin
6 monolaurin/olive leaf pills
1/3 tube of miconazrole nitrate (in case of athlete's foot)
1/3 tube of Voltarén (ibuprofen cream)
2 flumuicil tablets
3 flumil packets for chest congestion
1 tiny tin of tiger balm
expanding washcloth

First Aid
Top of pack
In the top of the pack I'll carry 
mustard packets (for cramps)
tiny container of vinegar
tiny container of salt
extra bite valve (not going now)
extra tips for trekking poles

Top of Pack
I'll also carry bus tickets and paperwork for my group,
my Credential,
walking booklet for group trip,
some freeze dried fruit packets
and packets of Starbucks VIA.

I made a lightweight container for my new iPad Mini
out of bubble envelopes.
It weighs less than the cover that came with it,
and will protect it better.
(I'm having last-minute waffling about whether or not I'll take it)

On the plane I'll carry a nysil pack 
(good for shopping in Spain where they do NOT give you sacks)
with the following:

A snuggie that I cut the arms and hood off.
I get cold on the flight,
and this can be dumped in Madrid.
Cut off snuggie

My dry sack goes inside the nysil pack and contains
things I need for the flight:
sleepmask (not shown)
nose spray
hand gel
lip balm
toothbrush/paste (not shown)
cough drops
and a wee tin of ben gay
( I use it to block the smell of perfumes)

I'm also taking this fan - useful in the hot south
I'm wearing:

Macabi skirt
merino wool tee
merino wool leggings
merino wool socks
trekking shoes

and in my pocket I'll carry
my passport,
my purple purse with credit cards,
my ticket,
my bullet journal and a pen
which I need for the group walk
(it's my brain)

And that is IT!

Holy COW!

There are moments I feel
like my pack is too heavy at 14 pounds,
but know myself.
I can adjust and ship a few items ahead to Pamplona,
once I arrive and settle into my hotel.

Ok.. time to call and book the taxi for 2:30 am.

I hope you'll follow me!


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