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Monday, April 18, 2016

Day 2 to Almogia

It's 6 am and pouring rain - so much for avoiding the weather. However, it is a balmy 61degrees so I'm grateful it isn't cold.
I woke up with a very stiff neck this morning. When I woke up about 4 am it was not bothering me so I'm not sure what it's all about. Must be the weather. Where is Granny Clampett's rheumatism medicine when you need it!?
The man in the room next door, Frank,  is sawing logs. I imagine he is out from his pain melds. He is a doctor from Holland, I think he said. Yesterday, he crashed his motorcycle and broke a clavicle. He gave a pained laugh when he told me he was here on a few days vacation to escape the stress of his work. Now he will have his last three days of vacation lying in his hotel room. He was quick to mention how kind the local people were in helping him to the hospital and being sure his bike was taken care of. Frank, the bartender, and I all three agreed that people are good everywhere when given a chance. After all the bad news about war and strife in the world, it was a feel-good moment; three people from three different countries, heartily agreeing on the more positive attributes of humanity.
I planned on starting early this morning but I think I'll wait an hour or so to see if the rain lets up at all. If not,once it's good and light, I'll push ahead. This hotel is pretty much empty. If I get to a point on the trail I feel it is dangerous to continue in the weather, I can always turn back and stay here another night. 
I think the main worry is not knowing what to expect. If the trail is slippery as well as steep, (like the one into Roncesvalles or Zubiri), I'm not willing to risk injury. If it's simply wet, but the trail is good, I've walked in rain before and I have my trusty Altus. 
I took a photo of my pretty new shoes. In this weather I imagine it's the last time they will look like this! Next time you see them, I guess they will match the Malaga clay. 
Last night I got hungry and went back to the bar for food. I had a large bowl of the seafood soup and man was it good! With bread it was a full meal!  Hot and stuffed with big chunks of fish, shrimp, calamari, mussels, and clams, it would be a great choice if you were on a budget. €6. 
I will post photos when I have a faster internet connection. 

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