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Tuesday, April 12, 2016

The Camino Malaga and Some Changes in Plans

A map of the various Camino Routes. See Malaga in the far south?

Well, it's just 1.5 more sleeps until I leave for Madrid, 
and I'm frantically running around trying to tie up
last minute ends.

I've made some pretty big changes in plans 
in the last few days
based on information from pilgrims who 
are on the Camino right now, 
including the Madrid route,
which was where I was headed.

Rain, snow, sleet, driving cold wind,
all of these adjectives have caused me to 
rethink my training walk.

My walking partner and I have parted ways.
She will be doing the Camino Frances,
despite the cold weather (she's used to it)
and I will dropping down into Malaga 
to walk where it's sunny and 75 degrees!

Along with the change in walking route,
I'm thinking about making some changes in what I'll carry.

Since it will be fairly warm
I'm wondering if I should take my own advice.
I'm unsure if I will need my PUFF jacket.
I may leave my PUFF jacket behind,
and just take my men's felted cashmere sweater
for warmth.

PUFF Jacket may be staying home
Cashmere Sweater may be going

It's roomier (more space for heat)
and I can layer it over my
wool longjohns, 
a longsleeve wool shirt,
and even a short sleeve wool shirt
if it gets REALLY cold.
And if I need to
I can buy something there.

Plus it really compacts down small
and I can wear it on the flight.
I always get cold on those flights.

I just don't know . . . still mulling that over.

Next, I've decided NOT to take 
the nice new pink towel I bought.
I'm going to take the green striped one
that Patty Moak gave me instead.
It's lighter by several ounces
and I'm trying to justify the weight of my new iPad.

Oh yes, thats the other thing.
I've never taken a tablet,
but I will this year.
An iPad mini.
I've caved to technology.

My Camino has begun,
and is already throwing me curves!
Isn't that just the way it goes?

I will leave on Thursday morning for Madrid,
arriving  Friday the 15th at 9 am.
I will stay 2 nights in Madrid to adjust to the time change.
Sunday, the 17th, I take a train south
to Malaga
where I'm pretty sure I'll be walking
through endless olive orchards, 
and scaling those mountains you see in the background 
of the picture below:


I hope to see some history!

I've heard the trees just go on and on and on . . .
Málaga is in the southern part of the southernmost region of Spain
I know the Andalusian accent is going to be difficult, 
sort of like going to Oklahoma from California. 

I also know you're pretty much forced to slow down 
your pace of living there - 
which will be fine with me! 
Many people call Andalusia the "lazy" part of Spain. 
But I think the people are smart to slow down and enjoy life! 

Plus, I will be forced to go slow 
because this route has some VERY steep ups and downs. 
Hopefully, I'll do ok. 
We'll see. 
If it gets to be too difficult, 
I'll pop somewhere else. 

In the end, I really don't care where I walk
 - I just need to train for a couple of weeks. 
So I'll keep everyone posted.

Ok.. I've got a ton of things to decide 
and do before tomorrow.

Buen Camino!


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