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Thursday, April 21, 2016

To Antequera. 18k

To Antequera. 
The good news. An absolutely gorgeous walk!  Not too difficult,  though there were difficult stretches. The hardest was the descent, as Maggie put it, "the craziest steepest descent!'  Wildly steep but beautiful. 
The bad news. There are 8 walking and I arrived to a full Albergue. Only 4 beds total here and no chance for even a mat on the floor. Two pilgrims got rooms for €15. I arrived later and managed a room at Hotel Toril for €25. But I'm happy. 
I'm hoping to walk a short 11 k day tomorrow and let the herd get ahead of me. 
Now to find my hotel, get a hot shower, and explore. 
A CRAZY steep descent. Antequera in the distance
See the Indian Head?

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