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Wednesday, April 27, 2016

To Cigunuela

I had a wonderful rest at Hotel Roma and enjoyed not be, but two hot baths!   Breakfast at the hotel was €5 and I accepted, saving my fruit, olive oil, marmalade, and fruit for later today. I took off early, and found the first bus to Simancas is not until 10 am. Ticket was €1.40. And so I'm sitting in the bus station, waiting, over a second cup of coffee.  I remember the walk from Simancas to Cigunuela being very beautiful and I look forward to walking it again. The weatherman says rain for Thursday. I hope he is wrong but if not it is a short day of only 14 k   The weather was perfect for walking  here are a few photos    
I often wondered why people were staring at me. 
After taking this selfie, I understand. 
I look pretty weird!  

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