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Monday, May 02, 2016

Museu de Semana Santa

The Semana Santa Museum was beautiful. 
But the building was like a freezer inside so if you go, dress warm!
I had to leave earlier than I would have liked. 
By the way there is a ticket you can buy for under €10 that will get you into three museums PLUS a boat ride up the canal you will be walking next day. If the weather had been warmer I would have done this for sure. 
Each con fraternity or brotherhood carries their own light or farol. 
Each brotherhood's penitents also have their own costume. 
The statues are all life size and are very heavy. 
They are what we would call "floats" except they are hand carried, instead of being on wheels. 
The handles can be plain or ornate. 
The sculptures are meant to evoke emotion and they are quite impressive. 
Remember, it wasn't too many years ago, maybe two generations, when many people did not read or write. 
They learned the Bible stories by looking at the art in the churches. 
 This old photo shows how the pieces are carried. 
If you go to Medina, this is a very interesting museum. 

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