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Monday, May 16, 2016

Puente la Reina. Day 5

Another great day. Not rain and we are finally seeing Mr Sun peek through the clouds!  
Following the silver waymarks out of Pamplona. 
Leaving the city behind, the fields just got more and more green. 
It was windy and cold on Alto Perdon!
Contemplating tomorrow's walk. 
We stayed at Hotel Jakue in Puente la Reina. 
Most of us ate the buffet dinner for €13 and it was my intention to take photos to show you the offerings but I got so involved in eating that photos were never taken. All I can say is that the consensus was it is an EXCELLENT value. I'm absolutely stuffed!
There were an assortment of soups and salads, side dishes, a choice of fish, chicken or pork (the pork was DELICIOUS !), a table full of desserts, wine, water, bread. It was a feast!
And now I am in my room in my comfiest longjohns, ready to snuggle up with my book and read. 
Tomorrow early, we walk to Estella. 

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  1. I so remember that walk on my first Camino with Linda and, dusty and all our friends waiting in the beer garden at Hotel Jaku. What a lovely welcome. Stayed there again in 2014.


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