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Saturday, May 07, 2016

The Fleeing Nun!

Somebody told me Mercury is doing strange things in the heavens and I believe it is true because this has been the weirdest two weeks and today tops it all.  To start with, the lodging I booked for the day we walk through Pamplona was not as they advertised, so I had to do a quick change of reservations. And since it's so close to the date of stay, I had to pay double. Ouch.  I had requested fragrance free rooms back in November and December. When I arrived to check the lodging out, I almost choked on the strong air freshener. My eyes and throat were burning. It was one of those things on the wall that shoots out fragrance every few minutes. Holy cow!  It was horrible! I was one hour too late to cancel three rooms, so I had to eat that charge. But there was no way I could put pilgrims in those rooms! I did manage to air out the rooms of the two pilgrims coming in early because it was too late to cancel those also. One lady was supposed to arrive today. Another tomorrow.  I paid for those two rooms and walked to Old Town where I had booked a bed for myself in a pilgrim Albergue.  Imagine my surprise when I arrived and was told, 'Sorry. We booked a large group and now we do not have a bed for you!"  Even though I had a reservation!   So I got online and found one of the last hotel rooms in Pamplona got more than twice my budgeted amount. But no choice here unless I wanted to sleep under a tree.  Ten minutes later, an email from my peregrina saying she could not make it here until tomorrow!!!  I could have used that room! Goodness. What a crazy day! And so I did what any red-blooded Anerican girl would do under stress  . . . I found some comfort food!
I am now sitting in my room, listening to the firecrackers boom!
It is Saturday night and that means fiesta in Pamplona!
There is a wedding at most of the churches and people are singing in the streets in Old Town. 
The skies are cloudy but no rain - just a few sprinkles. 
Perfect for walking. I hope this weather holds. 
I think I will go take a walk in the park. 
Here are some views from my window at Hotel Eslava. 
Something sort of funny just happened. 
I was taking photos of the park and trying to get a photo of the bride. 
See her in the white dress in the photo below?
Then suddenly, a nun stood up and tossed her habit over her head to cover her face
as she ran for cover. 
I didn't even know she was there until she stood up and ran! 
I guess she thought I was photographing her. 
I hope Mercury settles down soon!

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