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Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Walking to Orisson Day1

What a wonderful group of pilgrims again this year!
Derek and Sally got their first Credential stamp in Pamplona at the pilgrim shop and we picked up their shells. 
Debbie surprised everyone with a charm caribiner gift that was so perfect!  
The ride to SJPP was really great. Our taxi driver from Caminofacil stopped at Roncesvalles for coffee, and so everyone got to see where they would be staying in a couple of days. Derek was so happy he did a jig. 
People went to the Pilgrim Office to get registered. 
Last night we cooked together at Gite Compostelle. We had pasta with vegetable sauce, a lovely spring salad, cheese, bread and wine and the price was about €3 each!  We had plenty to share with other pilgrims, which was perfect!  
This morning they were ready for rain  --  so it didn't!  
The walk was perfect. 
And we all made it!
Tomorrow, Roncesvalles. 


  1. I am so glad you all had such a wonderful walk to Orrison. I've wonderful memories of that walk with your group in 2012 and cooking in the kitchen at the gite.

  2. What a fun looking group, I see some wonderful smiles! If raincoats keep the rain away, put one one every morning. I'm still amazed by the beautiful countryside. I think I could happily walk back and forth forever there. I'd also love to go to Mass in one of those old stone churches. Do they do Mass in Latin? That was always my favorite part of going to church with my grandmother when I was young.

    I hope your nightmares of that crazy lady have stopped! What an odd situation! Maybe she had nightmares of you knocking at her door in the wee hours of the morning trying to get in. :)


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