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Sunday, September 25, 2016

Club Meson al Fuera de Jefe Pepe by Joe

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We love visiting Estella because of the many superb monuments, vibrant historical significance, its hospitality and its centuries old renown for good meat, fish, water and wine.  Rest assured, what was true then is still true today.

And now we find in the same tradition Apartments Jurramendi, a fairly new must-stay in Estella.  Owners Christina and Joaquin have provided perfectly clean and well-equipped 2 bedroom apartments to make your visit comfortable and complete.

The  apartments are located in the shadow of the exceptional Plaza de Los Fueros where you will find delectable regional cuisine as well as the1950's styled hamburger palace simply called The Diner.

We at Anniewalkers relish the comidas found in the Plaza, but we also realize that some pilgrims long for a chance to do some home-cooking of their own away from home.  Apartementos Jurramendi provides all the equipment to do so, and the many supermercados of Estella offer a huge variety of the needed ingredients.

You can cook a treat of bacon and eggs for dinner with enough left over for the next day.  One pilgrim I know did just that.

We have one more very special dining location to mention as well.  About 14 kilometers outside of Estella on The Way to Los Arcos (one more of our favorite locations, the home of Iosu & Sara's Casa de la Abuela) is the hard-to-find but fantastic Club Meson al Fuera de Jefe Pepe.  The Club Meson is located on a hill along the Camino just past the Bar 2km, a popular and portable waystop whose proprietor is well known for keeping a close eye on the behavior of its patrons, and whom some have compared to Seinfeld's Soup Nazi.

The Al Fuera de Jefe Pepe by contrast has only 2 rules:. First you must bring your own comidas (meals)and Second, you must pack out your own basura ( garbage). What makes the Club Meson impossible to pass up is its location and stunning vistas, the fact that seating is always possible without the need of reservation and that all this is provided free and gratis.

The photos attached will suffice to confirm what mere words can never adequately describe.  It should be noted that while tongue-in-cheek can be found at Club Meson de Jefe Pepe, it must be pre-ordered via the good offices of the fine people of Anniewalkers Caminos USA.

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