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Wednesday, March 08, 2017

Puerto Vallarta - Las Calletas Beach Adventure

Our second excursion was to Las Calletas Beach.  We took a boat to a bay village, where we rode horses to a waterfall swimming spot.  The waterfall was gorgeous, but I felt a little sorry for the horses. They appeared pretty overworked.  After, they boated us to a bay where the boys did a little snorkeling. I stayed in the boat because it was cold, windy, and the water was choppy but they had a great time!  Last stop was a pretty beach where they fed us lunch and had an open bar.

The boat ride into the village was full!

Once we arrived at the island, we were each given a horse. 
An island home.

We rode for about 30 minutes to reach this waterfall.

There was a small restaurant above the waterfall where we could order food/drink.

Michael and Cameron are having a GREAT time. John is thinking about it.  lol!
"Do you think they bite?"

Mmmmmm.... fresh coconut!

Such a lovely place.

The boys went snorkeling and saw a lot of beautiful fish.
Lunch on the beach after snorkeling.
John hits up the open bar!

We really had a great time on this excursion.
The only "bad" part of the experience was the boat ride back to Puerto Vallarta.
There was a group of drunk guys who kept telling the boat captain to go "faster! faster!"
It sucked because the front of the boat was SLAMMING down into the water.
I was afraid I was going to be thrown overboard.
Cameron held on so tight he strained his wrist.
I finally told the group leader I'd give them a crappy review if he didn't slow down.
He did.

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  1. Great pics and wonderful commentary. Thanks for sharing!


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