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Sunday, March 12, 2017

Walking the Desert in Spring

I do have a few more photos to post on my Puerto Vallarta trip. But I'm in the CA desert right now and the rain we've had of late has caused a wonderful blooming to occur.

Yesterday morning, we got up early and took a short walk to a local Oasis, Thousand Palms.

I forgot my camera, so I apologize for the quality of these photos, some of which were taken with Joe's tablet, and some I've borrowed from the internet.  I'll try to get out into the desert tomorrow morning to get some clearer photos - it's a once-a-year spectacle!

Lovely rose-like blossom. I'm not sure the name of this cactus.

 A few years back, this oasis went up in flames, 
due to the huge amount of fallen dried fronds on the ground. 
It was a pitiful site, tall blackened "trunks" against the blue sky.  
But most of them survived! 
And now the oasis is once again full of life.

Charred "trunk" of a palm, which is truly a grass, not a tree. 

Walking above the oasis.

The trail down was pretty rough.

This is "Desert Lavender." 
 There was a lot of Desert Lavender blooming. It only blooms for a few days. When you crush the flowers, they smell just like lavender. It's luscious.

Cactus blooming outside our house

... and in the desert (from internet)

Looking at the oasis from above.

Brittle Bush

The Purple Lupine was everywhere!
Strawberry Hedgehog Cactus
Pineapple Barrel Cactus (from internet)
All in all it was a beautiful (though hot!) walk.
Tomorrow I'll do my best to get out closer to dawn.

Happy Walking!

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