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Friday, March 09, 2018

Pushwalla and Horseshoe Palms Oasis

Yesterday, we took about a 7.5 mile hike to Pushwalla Oasis near Thousand Palms, California.  The weather was beautiful, a cool 75 degrees, and it was a tough but worthwhile hike.

Here are some photos:

Easy climb

Some nice flat walking

Down a steep hill past a 40's truck that didn't make it

Well-deserved rest


The beautiful Pushwalla Oasis is hidden in a tiny canyon

Pool of water

The water runs all the way through the oasis

Mr. Crow watches us

The trail back. Joe lifting his hat and being silly.  lol!

You never would have known the oasis was there!

We spot Horseshoe Palm Oasis from the trail

Some huge barrel cacti

Between Pushwalla and Horshoe Palm trails, we figure we walked between 7 and 8 miles ( 11-12.87 kilometers). It took us 3 hours. That sounds about right, because on the Camino I usually take about 6 hours to walk 20-25 kilometers.  A healthy distance. Much of the time the walking was in gently rolling terrain and sandy washes, but the dives into the canyons and the climbs out were difficult for me. I need to get into better shape.

Today, there is a new 5 mile trail opening near us, off Corkhill Road. We're going to give it a try before the heat sets in.

Happy Training!


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  1. The terrain looks great for Camino conditioning. I always tell people (as I'm sure you do too) to train on every type of surface they can think of!


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