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Monday, March 05, 2018

Training for the 2018 Camino

Well, it's March, which means it's time to begin serious training for the 2018 Camino. I always say it's best to begin slow then add distance as you gain strength. Sometimes I train while on the Camino - just depends on how life goes.

Thursday, March 1, I took a nice hike up nearly to the edge of the cone of Saddle Mountain, looking for fire agates. 

Today I walked up to the toe of the nearby mountains in Desert Hot Springs. The desert is beginning to blossom, and I was excited to see several plants and cacti in bloom.

Things were blooming in the resort too...

The walk was no more than 2 miles in the sand, and was pretty easy. I'll rest a day tomorrow - maybe just walk the streets of the resort - then take a longer hike on Wednesday.

My ankle hasn't been bothering me too much this year, though every now and then it complains.

How about you?
Are you doing any training?


  1. I am enjoying the desert too...since women's RTR. Wonderful at Holtville Hotsprings!

  2. Hi Mureen. I didn't see you at the RTR. I was there too. I did visit Holtville Hotsprings though.


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