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Sunday, May 20, 2018

To Orisson, France

Today we had breakfast at Gite Makila, then walked to Orisson. 

Leaving in the early morning, I was again struck by the beauty of this village. 

The girls in my group are in much better shape than I am. They were down the hill and ready to go way ahead of me!

and they smoked me on the road!  

At the crossroads, Linda and I took the road. I had a much more difficult time walking this year than ever before, having not had time for any training (and the spare tire around my middle!)

I arrived at Orisson some time after them. We had hours to spare before the taxi arrived and spent the morning no and early afternoon eating soup and drinking beers!

At 2 pm the taxi FINALLY arrived - and we shuttled down the mountain. 2.5 hours up and 8 minutes down!
We had an hour to wait for our Gite to open. 

Tomorrow we will shuttle up to Orisson and continue our walk to Roncesvalles. 

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