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Tuesday, May 29, 2018

To Viana

The morning begin with light rain, really nice walking weather. I did not walk to Viana because I was still quite weak and congested.  Linda and I took a bus to Viana, and José let us into the apartment early. Then he was kind enough to take Diana to the physiotherapist, where she had her foot massage and wrapped and was told not to walk for two or three days. Perfect!

José is such a pleasant person and I just love his face. He is one of those people who just makes you smile.

These are the steps at Casa de la Abuela. Such fond memories of this place.

Since I didn’t take any pictures on the trail, here are a few taken by the girls as they walked. I think these may be from Jenny and Therese. If I get more from them I will post them later today.

As always this time of year, the wildflowers which is spectacular. That’s the good news. The bad news is Jenny allergies are really acting up, but I think maybe it might be worth it.   Everyone said it was a beautiful walk! They all went out to dinner and had a great time. I stayed home and nursed my cold.


  1. Those pilgrims look like they are having a good time! What a great group of women, all of you, facing challenges but walking through them

  2. SO sorry you are still sick! I stayed at Casa de la Abuela and loved it there. Good examples of co-ed showers.


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