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Friday, September 30, 2011

Ten Etiquette Rules for Everyone (Pilgrims Included)!

I was cleaning out some old files today and ran across this list of 10 etiquette rules for children by Dr. M.E. Waters. I'm not sure where I got them, but they are quite good! I sure do remember being taught these rules -- today's children might be better off if someone took time to teach them also!

Although these rules apply to children,
they are a great reminder to the rest of us!
Do you follow them?


1. DO stay away from people who are troublemakers
2. DO say please, thank you, excuse me, good morning/evening, and I am sorry
3. DO put your hand over your mouth when you cough
4. DO be kind to other people
5. DO be polite on the telephone
6. DO care about your appearance; be neat and clean
7. DO show respect to parents, teachers, and elders
8. DO attend church or other spiritual practice
9. DO open the door and pull the chair out for others (Boys, please do this for girls and ladies)
10. DO take your hats off inside the building

1. DO NOT chew gum in public
2. DO NOT talk with food in your mouth or throw it across the room
3. DO NOT interrupt when others are talking
4. DO NOT use curse words
5. DO NOT smoke or drink alcohol
6. DO NOT disrespect parents, teachers, or anyone
7. DO NOT be rude to other people
8. DO NOT act ugly in public
9. DO NOT put other people down or cruelly tease them
10. DO NOT tell lies about other people or tattle on them

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Photo by Colleen

Here are a few more rules specifically for Pilgrims:
Pilgrim DO's
1. DO secure private lodging if you are sick and contagious.
2. DO share food and drink with other pilgrims often
3. DO dress respectfully when you enter village churches
4. DO leave the bottom bunk for the elderly and disabled
5. DO be SILENT when in churches along the way
6. DO remember that food and lodging is a blessing, not a right.
7. DO clean up after yourself
8. DO take time to say "Buen Camino" and "Buenos Dias!"
9. DO buy something if you ask to use the toilet in a public shop
10. DO take time to really SEE, HEAR, and FEEL the spirit of the Camino 

Pilgrim DON'Ts
1. DO NOT throw toilet paper, water bottles, and trash along the trail. CARRY IT OUT!
2. DO NOT speak loudly and rudely when locals do not understand your language
3. DO NOT steal toilet paper or kitchen tools from the albergue
4. DO NOT fail to report bedbugs if you see or carry them
5. DO NOT take other people's food from the kitchen or fridge
6. DO NOT touch the fruit or vegetables in the tienda
7. DO NOT pick your blisters in public
8. DO NOT make any demands whatsoever
9. DO NOT convince yourself that "donative" means "FREE!"
10. DO NOT forget to show grace and gratitude to ALL along The Way.

If you have others, please add them as comments!
Buen Camino!

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  1. We have a poster in the school area of our home that has pretty much identical rules. We're the way! :)

  2. I homeschooled my sons - it's a wonderful option!


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