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Friday, December 16, 2011

Hiking in the Rain

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A pause for the cause.

I know I sound like a commercial.
And no, I do not get a kickback for each one sold.
I just love, love, LOVE this poncho!

Does this look familiar?
Trust me, it's not comfortable at all.
The solution?
An Altus Poncho.

A few pilgrims in their Altus Ponchos

Bridget and Peter wearing their ALTUS

The Buchaneers ALTUS up!

The coverage is amazing, your pack and your body stay warm and dry

A billed ball cap will keep the front up off your face. 

Get one.
You won't be sorry!
Cuz wet paws are no fun!


  1. Where / how does one purchase the Altus poncho from the US? Great blog! Thanks

  2. Thanks! I'm glad you're enjoying the blog. I'm not sure if you CAN purchase the ALTUS in the USA, but I'll look into it. I do know there is a sportings good store in SJPP where you can order it ahead and have it waiting for you. I'll get back to you on this :)

  3. Annie
    Thanks for your advice and pack list.
    Can you tell me where I can get the Altus in Madrid? I saw an Address but can't seem to locate it.

    I have a friend who lives in Madrid and can get them for us.


  4. Dear Anonymous,
    A fellow pilgrim, Laurie, says you can get them at this Barrabes shop in Madrid:

    Good luck!

    1. Hi,

      I work for the Barrabes online store, and we still receive questions about the Altus poncho thanks to this post - thanks for the great link! Unfortunately, in our opinion the newer model of the Altus poncho is not as good as the older one recommended on this site, so we no longer carry it at Barrabes.

      We do, however, carry two other ponchos, with an extra-long rain cape for backpacks. Please check them out at our online store (now in English) if you are interested:

      Tatonka Poncho 2 -

      Ferrino R-Cloak Poncho -

      I biked the Camino in 2011 and am currently on my second camino, doing the northern coastal route (a week a year). I'm a big fan of the Camino, and it's great to hear that Barrabes is helping to outfit pilgrims from all over!

      Good luck and buen camino!

      Michael Keiter
      Coordinator, International Customer Service

  5. Annie, just curious as to what size of poncho the women to the right in the La Posada picture are wearing? I am asking beause they only have XS on line.

    Thank you,

  6. I believe they are medium. However, I'm 5'3 and weigh between 145 and 155 and I love my LXL because it goes to my ankles and keeps me dry! If you are going to be going through SJPP you can pre-order one there for pick up. If you need the email address for ordering, drop me a note.

    1. Hi Annie, can I get that email address from you, so that I can pre order to pick up in SJPP.

    2. The gentleman's name is Pierre BOURESMAU
      His email address is:

      Buen Camino!

    3. Thank you so much!

  7. Hi! I love your blog, I´m preparing my Camino and I´m looking for a poncho altus athmospheric. The cheapest I found was this I have it at home and looks really nice!! Congrats for your blog! :) Ultreia!


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