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Saturday, May 26, 2012

Day 10 and 11: Ruesta to Sanguesa to Pamplona

We have been walking past fields of poppies! 
 The colors or the wildflowers are spectacular 
and the only thing that distracts me from the beauty is the stifling heat. 

We are learning the best time to begin walking is daybreak. 
That way you are safe at your lodging 
by the time the heat falls like a curtain
 (as Rebecca so beautifully stated).

From Ruesta, we walked to Sanguesa.

We stopped in Undues de Lerda for some cold drinks.


It's a pretty village,
but very quiet.
There is an albergue there
with a nice bar.

This was not a fun climb in the heat!

 I was very thankful for the shade of this olive tree.

 We checked into the albergue.
The man that was hospitalero 2 years ago was gone,
replaced by a young man who took his job almost too seriously.
Several people left rather than deal with him.
A shame, because it's a nice albergue otherwise.

It was here I experienced another "Camino Miracle" which I will write about 
in a later post.

We are running short on time
and need to meet our walkers for the June Camino trek.
So, the next morning, we walked to the next village,
then took a bus to Pamplona,
skipping the last 3 days of the Aragones.

We are now in Pamplona taking care of some business and waiting for our walkers to arrive. Last night we got the last two beds at Paderborn, a very nice Albergue here. Their doors open at noon and the fill up fast.

Today we will sleep at Pension Sarasate.
 Everything is closed on Sunday so it will be a quiet day. 
Tomorrow we will look into getting phones for those walkers who want them 

Our walkers are probably on their planes flying toward Spain. I hope you have a restful flight and we look forward to seeing you today or tomorrow.


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