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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Day 8: San Juan de Pena

Today was a GREAT day! I finally made it to the monastery and we were so happy we bought the tickets on the bus from Jaca! It included the entrance fee to the new and old monasteries. Both were spectacular and this is a highly recommended way to see this site.

Walking on the glass floor above the excavation really made it easy to imagine what life was like in this monastery.  Be sure to wear your jacket inside.. it's quite cold!

Nothing could have prepared me for the beauty of the old Monastery. 
You just have to see it for yourself.

We walked down the suggested 'easy' trail to Santa Cruz de Seros and from there took the main road down to the highway where we picked up the Camino.

I do NOT recommend the trail which is not easy at all. 
Rather it is covered with very dangerously loose rocks. 
This is a perfect place to turn an ankle so take the road instead or be very careful. 
The trail took about 1.5 hours and 3 hours to get to Santa Celia. 

About half way, you enter a small village. 
There is a pretty church you can explore if it is open.

 From there, you walk the road.

Even though we walked the road there was little traffic. 

Interesting rock formation

There were wheat fields full of poppies

No traffic to speak of and easy walking

Sta. Celia at last!

A taxi from Santa Celia could cost up to 30 euros
 and the entrance fee is 11 euros 
so the bus from Jaca at 14 euros was a great value !


  1. Hi Annie,

    I am savoring every word of your blog. My twin daughters (17 y.o.) and I will walk from Lourdes to Puente la Reina and from Astorga to Santiago in June/July 2012. So, we are literally following in your footsteps!! We have walked SJPP to Finisterre in 2009, but we look forward to a new route across the Pyrenees. Thank you for doing the blog!! Buen Camino, Susan

  2. Hi Susan! This has been a great walk. Check Sylvia Nilsen's blog for a good place to stay in Canfranc Estacion. I can't recall the name but met some French pilgs on the train who stayed there and loved it. If I were walking again I'd steer clear of Pepillo Grillo! :)

  3. Oh... I just booked there. (pepillo grillo) Would you recommend that I cancel and try La Tuca Casa Rural?

  4. Susan. I can't seem to find your question on this phone but what I can say is I would never stay there again. It was snowing and they would not turn on the heat. It was like a huge freezer. A shower was out of the question. When I asked about turning in the heat the lady told me if I didn't like it there I could go to a hotel. She said this in Spanish, not realizing I understood. Her husband then tkd her 'Sonrie!' at which point I said to her 'Yes! SMILE!'. She was surprised I understood. I asked for a hot chocolate because I was freezing and got a lukewarm drink. I paid but left it and found a warm bar for hot soup and dinner.

    On the other hand Sil stayed inthe Casa Rural and said it was lovely.

  5. I wonder how Susan's walk went?


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