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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Still Day 8: Santa Celia has changed

It is still clean and beautiful but the sweet hospitalera Maite is no longer here to greet us.
The kitchen is no longer open to pilgrims.
 Instead you are offered cena at 10 euros on top of the 10 euros you pay to sleep.
The bar is not open and we were lucky to have bread, tuna, and olives on hand!

Outside my window are a herd of wooly sheep.
On the side if each is painted in large letters, 'GAGA'
 -- are these Lady Gaga's sheep ????
 Are these the sheep you count to sleep???

 Stay tuned. Annie.


  1. It looks beautiful. I would love to know how many other pilgrims are on the Camino

  2. We have met very few pilgrims this route compared to the Camino Frances. We met 4 at Moissac, 9 at Jaca, 3 at Santa Celia. I think there are 2 besides us here today so far at Arres.


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