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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Villafranca del Bierzo

Beautiful weather for our walk to Villafranca!

Cute statuary on a fence I passed.

Pretty House

I was happy to see signage for a school that teaches gaitas and traditional music. 
Those Celts got around!

As you enter the village, the municipal albergue is down to the right. 
We didn't stay there.

Continuing on all the way through town...

 We finally reach our Albergue de la Piedra - Albergue of the Rock.
There is a HUGE face of bedrock, literally creating one wall of this albergue.
It's very cool inside!

Conan, the resident dog, with his ball.

Miranda and Galia announce a surprise birthday party for Teresa!

 She seems surprised when presented a card by Miranda.
The duo fondly known as 'Teranda' 
are a wonderful example of long lasting friendship
 forged on the Camino by the sharing of adventure, struggle, and support.

Evette is daydreaming... about tomorrow's walk?

April looks happy! 
I wonder why?  :)

This is a very cool Albergue with 35 beds all together. They have 6 private double rooms and the Albergue is built on a huge boulder which you can see from many of the rooms.
For photos of the rooms, see the September/October 2012 blog.

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