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Friday, September 21, 2012

Day 11 - We bus to Leon

We picked up two new walkers in Burgos, Nancy and Laura from Iowa.

Next morning, we left at the break of dawn to catch our bus to Leon.

Anita wow'd us with yet another beautiful pair of shoes!

Anita and Lottie (who joined us in Logrono) wait patiently for our bus.

 Our two newest walkers from Iowa, Nancy and Laura, 
may feel a bit overwhelmed.
But they'll get used to us! ::laughing::

 Soon, the sunrise, beautiful from the bus window,
greeted us.
Another day on the Camino!

Once in Leon,
we all went our different ways.
We were not able to check into our hotel rooms
until after noon.

Some of the ladies went shopping and touristing
Photo by Linda Hendricks

I began my day in Leon at a fantastic little exposition at the Museum. 
There were 3 exhibits: one about Alexander the Great, 
one showing many ancient original biblical scrolls and texts, 
and one with fascinating woodcarved figures. 
I haven't been able to figure out the artist's name, but his work was stunning.
I may borrow some of the costuming ideas
for my Nativity Sets.

After the Museum,
I took a quick look at the nearby San Isadoro church.

Then, a break for Churros and Chocolate!

I've posted some fantastic photos of Leon on my Spring blog.
But here are a few more to whet your appetitite for this
fantastic city!

And of course,
I HAD to have my photo taken
with Elvis!

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