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Monday, September 10, 2012

On To St Jean Pied de Port

The road up to SJPP is winding and narrow and it feels like you are on Mr. Toad's Wild Ride! About 10 k from our destination some of us were needing a break.

Here are Jeffrey, Eileen, and Judive waiting by the taxi. So far, the weather looks to be perfect!

We arrived at Gite Compostella and were warmly greeted by Peter, the owner. 
He is always so happy and hospitable!

This painting hangs in the dining room. 
Joe says it looks like Adrian Brody. 
I just think it is lovely. 

Here I am with our beautiful group of pilgrims.
It's an international group, 
with people from the USA,
and South Africa.

Linda and Pam
are signing up for their Pilgrim Credential
while the others patiently wait their turn.

a cold drink and a nice meet & greet
to hear each other's stories.
"How did you hear about the Camino?"
"Why are you walking?"
led to laughter, as well as tears.

From out of the blue came a voice,
a voice like no other,
a voice we would learn to quickly recognize
and grow to love.
It was PAM!!
Our lost sheep who had arranged to meet us in SJPP.
She didn't waste any time making friends!
I miss her now... I miss them all.

Clare, from South Africa,
and Joe from Portland, Oregon
get acquainted over a beer.

Later, everyone chipped in and
we 'ate in' at Gite Compostelle.
They have a nice little kitchen there
with a couple of good sized tables.

This is going to be a fun trip!

Everybody to bed!
It's going to be an early morning!

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