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Thursday, September 20, 2012

Day 10 - We Bus to Burgos

This morning, we take a bus to Burgos.
Getting 15 people organized and to the bus station in time
took some doing,
but we made it!

Pam shoots off a couple of emails before the bus leaves. 
Calfred II has free wi-fi as well as a nice computer room. 
The computers cost 1 euro for 20 minutes.

The group gathered at the bus station.

And we admired Anita's gorgeous, clean shoes!
Compared to ours,
which are muddy and worn,
hers were like heaven!

The scenery from the bus window was nice to see.
I remember walking these stages not so long ago!


Just a few sunflowers remain.

The bull!

Burgos has some very cool statuary in town.

Smile! It's BURGOS!

This trip,
I was able to make it to the Archaelogical Museum.
It is fantastic,
and worth the visit.
If you arrive in time,
a bus will take you to the site
of the oldest human remains found in Europe.

There were sculptures of humanoids that were so life-like
you'd swear they were alive.

 We stated at Hostal Carrales.
It was nice, but I'd like to find a place that is a little lighter
and closer to the Cathedral for groups,
if I lead another one next year.

I did not take a lot of photos in Burgos.
We did ride the Choo-choo, which was worth the trip,
and saw the Cathedral.

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