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Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Photos for Edeltraud - Meeting Again

While walking the Camino in a rainstorm this year, I heard a very familiar voice.
I turned and saw a profile.
Was it?
It was Edeltraud!
She was a pilgrim I met while walking in 2006!!

So.. I promised to give her some photos from the fun fiesta we attended.
Here they are!

I can't remember which albergue this is taken in.

 Lamb stew cooking.

 They served us from wheelbarrows.

 Remember these people? They sat down at some family's private table and refused to move!  They pretended not to understand.  Bad pilgrims!


 Joe was happy!

 You were happy too!

 Remember this couple?

 The band played oompah music. It was great!

 OH yes, the BROOM DANCE!

 This little boy started at the top of the hill and was going so fast I missed the last shot!

 Joe was drunk and danced with the girls!

 Remember dancing?

 Such a fun night!

Meeting again on the Camino in 2012!
What a wonderful surprise!

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