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Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Certificate of Distance

Johnnywalker, who works in the Pilgrim Office in Santiago

 recently posted:

In addition to the traditional Compostela
and Certificate of Welcome 

which are still issued on a donativo basis 

the Pilgrims' Office is now offering 

a Certificate of Distance.

This new certificate has been produced 

in response to requests from pilgrims. 

It records the route which the pilgrim walked, 

the starting point, 

the amount of kilometers 

and the date of arrival in Santiago. 

The cost is 3€. 


  1. You simply ask for it upon arrival at the Pilgrim's Office when you show them your stamped Credential.

  2. The sample Johnnie posted does not show the info (distance walked, etc.). So does the pilgrim fill in the info of his/her trek, or does the Pilgrim Office?


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