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Wednesday, April 02, 2014

Camino Madrid - Change in Plans

Today, I have changed my walking plans.

Originally, I'd thought I'd bus to Caceres 
and pick up where I left off on the Via de la Plata last year.

But after comparing costs,
 and thinking about the two long bus trips
 I would have to take to complete those plans,
 I've changed my mind.

I've decided to walk the Camino Madrid this year.
It will be very convenient, 
since I'm flying into Madrid, 
just to start walking there!

Here is the plan as it has manifested today. 
Of course, this can change as I gather more information.
Hotel prices are for a double twin room
and I was able to make reservations

The Palacio de Comunicaciones 

May 1: Leave Portland Oregon

May 2 - Fly into Madrid. Hostal Residencia Fernandez €48.  Find the Cathedral. Get our credentials. Locate the Metro Line #10 to Fuencarral so I don't have to walk out of the city.

May 3 - 24k to Colmenar Viego. Hotel Chiscon €60

May 4 - 15k to Manzanares - Hostal Parador de los Galanos €40

May 5 - 19k to Cercedilla - Hostel Aribel Longinos €30

Alcazar in Segovia

May 6 - 31k (whew!) to SEGOVIA!  Hosteria Natura Colon where I got a GREAT price for two nights for €63. Here we will take a rest day and see the Alcazar and other sites of the city.

May 8 - 28k - Santa Maria el Real - albergue

May 9 - 22k to Coca - albergue

May 10 - 25k to Alcazaren - albergue

May 11 - 24k to Puente Duero - albergue

May 12 - 6k to Simancas then bus to Valladolid. We MAY not do this because it is a Monday and all the museums will be closed. But it is an option. Hostal Paris €42,75
Hostal Paris Valladolid
May 13 - bus to Simancas then walk 6k to Cigunuela - albergue

May 14 - 24k to Castromonte - albergue

May 15 - 14k to Medina - convent

May 16 - 27k to Villalon - albergue

May 17 - 17k to Santervas de Campos - albergue

May 18 - 22k to Sahagun - albergue

May 19 - Train to Pamplona €30

Roman Aquaduct in Segovia


  1. This sounds like such a sensible thing to do. I'm looking forward to seeing how it goes.

  2. That looks fantastic. I love Segovia. Buen Camino

  3. This sounds so exciting. By the you reach Csstromonte, I will be starting my walk out of SJPdP. Would be so wonderful if we could meet along the way

  4. Patty, stranger things have happened on the Camino :) Remember, we bus ahead so it's very possible we'll see you! You can check our schedule on the webpage at - Buen Camino!


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