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Monday, May 05, 2014

Getting Back to the Camino

If you stay at El Yelmo, you do not have to go all the way back to town to get on the Camino. Here is a rough map with some photos and instructions to help shave about 2 to 3 kilometers off your walk  

I'll post the map then the instructions. 

1.  Walk back down the hill toward town. If you stayed at the Casa Rural you will walk UP the hill a few meters. 

2.  Turn into El Tranco's driveway. Coming from El Yelmo you will turn right. Coming from Casa Rural you will turn left

3. Walk straight back to the trailhead that goes to the hermitage. (Ermita)

4. Cross the little bridge over the river. The trail then bears to the left. 

5.  Continue on that same path. You will pass some white houses. 

6.  Keep straight. You will pass this cool gate on your right and soon you will come to a curve to the right. There are two trash bins here. 

7.  Keep to the path. It winds a bit. You will pass an old Mill on your left and if you look up and back, you will see the Hermitage. 

8.  Soon you are again in a residential area. There are another row of trash cans. There you will see a sign for Calle Guadalquivir. Turn right on this street. 

9.  Walk all the way to the end of this street. It dead ends at a busier road. Cross over carefully and walk up to the dirt track. Turn RIGHT!
People told us to turn left.
That is wrong.
I followed my gut and turned RIGHT and that was correct. 

10. Walk until you get to the "y" at the natural park area.  NOW you can take the LEFT fork and you are on the Camino!!!

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