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Sunday, May 11, 2014

Dinner in Nava

The food was worth waiting for!

The decor was BRIGHT and beautiful!

Lots of really good spongy chewy bread

As far as I'm concerned,
La Cocina de Abuela Salus is the place to eat 
when you are in Nava de la Asuncion!  

Menu del Dia is served starting at 1 pm and costs 10 euros. 

Two courses with many choices, wine, bread, and dessert.   
Awesome home cooked food!

I started with gaspacho. 

Icy cold and salty goodness!

Joe had soupa Castiliano. 

Savory garlic soup

For our second course, Joe chose a pork cheek cooked in red wine sauce. 

I chose a stewed beef in savory sauce. 

The salad came family style on the side. 

Next was dessert. Fruit for me and  ice cream for Joe. 

The melon was cold and sweet!

Joe had ice cream

And if you have cash to spare, their specialty is roast sucking pig. 

Highly recommended!


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