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Finding magic under the stars of the Camino Santiago de Compostela

Friday, May 02, 2014

In Madrid!

It was pretty exciting flying into Madrid and seeing the plane go right over Santiago de Compostela! The pilot announced it, probably because there were several obvious pilgrims on the flight. We joked about parachuting right into Santiago and skipping the walk. We are so exhausted I can't imagine walking tomorrow. 

I spent much of the International part of the flight in my masks. Even looking like a weirdo, I can feel the effects of the perfume. My eyes and throat are burning. 
Here is what other people saw!  :::laughing:::  pretty scary !

Trying to miss May Day, we unknowingly arrived on a major holiday, May 2. So no Vodafone until morning. 

The second glitch was our room. I booked a room with two twin beds. My reservation from stated '2 single beds.'  But the room had one full bed. I tried to explain that Joe and I were not married. Even after showing her a printout if the reservation, the landlady adamantly told us, 'We have no single beds!'  We finally got her to put a rollaway bed in the room for Joe but will hear about this. I have to be able to depend on their info. Today, we were too tired to argue and with no phone to call Booking, we decided it would be fine. 

We showered, napped, then went to the market to get food for the coming walk. 

Now it's time to kick back, watch the news, and veg.

More tomorrow. 

Love, Annie


  1. Here's a map for self-guided tapas tours in Madrid.

  2. I can see sliced ham, sausages...What else is there?
    Buen apetito! and Good luck!

    1. Yogurt, cheese, nuts, bread and Maria's!

  3. Glad to see your post. I’ve been thinking of you since I left you at the airport on Thursday. About the masked photo..yeah it does look a little weird, but the heck..if it helps. Have a good walk today. It’s 5:00 AM here, so you’ve been on your way for a few hours already.


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