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Sunday, May 11, 2014

May 10 - Saturday - To Villaguillo

Here are a couple more photos of the albergue here:

Nice lockers

A big bathroom and shower

The kitchen at this albergue is HUGE,
but there is no stove, 
just a microwave.

So we had this brilliant idea this morning.
Why not cut a boiled egg in half, sprinkle on some cheese, and microwave until the cheese melts. Sound good?

Well, imagine our horror when the egg EXPLODED!  What a mess!

Exploding egg!

Once that was cleaned up, 
we finished what was left of breakfast 
and headed onto the Camino. 

Leaving town via Main Street, 
we soon were walking through wheat fields and toward pine forest. 
But not before saying good morning to Mrs. Stork 
and some beautiful irises growing along the track. 

Storks are nesting in the spring

Chem trails even in Spain  :(

Red poppies everywhere!

More pine forest walking.

We walked through more pine forest. Sometimes the track is sandy and difficult, but for the most part, we simply appreciated the shade.

We stopped at an abandoned house and ate breakfast. 
I bundled up for sunny weather. 

This house made a nice lunch stop

Tuna with olives. GREAT sandwich!

My pack and umbrella
I can't wear sunscreen because of my chemical sensitivities,
so a big lightweight scarf 
and an umbrella 
are my sunscreen!
It's more comfortable than it looks,

Ready for the sun!

Soon we arrived in Coca, 
where we took a short detour to see the amazing castle there!

In front of the castle

Then back onto the Camino 
for a steep sandy walk down to the river 
and a steeper walk back up to the top. 

PS:  Look for Avenida de la Constitucion to get you 
back onto the Camino.

The views from the hill were awesome!
So many shades of green!
I'd like to paint this scene!

It was hot and not much shade. 
So far, this year is much hotter and dryer than last year. 
I would say be more worried about dressing for heat rather than cold.  
 I do know the weather can suddenly change, 
so bring lighter clothes that you can layer. 
But don't being a heavy coat. 
Chances are you won't need it this year. 

I walked with my umbrella.
 I dreamed of ice cream and swimming and air conditioning, 
and by the time we reached Villaguillo, 
I had the town bar in my sights. 

There, I ate THE best hamburguesa I have ever eaten, hands down!  
(if you know me, you know I have eaten a lot of "best" hamburguesas!)

The fries came with six different sauces. 
I had two cervesa con limons 
and Joe had a huge 'jarra' of cervesa.

The bill was 11,85 euros total. 

There is NO market here. 
No panaderia. 
No tienda. 
No food. 
Nothing but the bar and if it is closed you are going to have a hungry night and day tomorrow. 
So BRING FOOD on this stretch !  

There IS a stove and microwave and fridge. 

The bartender will make sandwiches to go if he is open. 
But best be prepared. 
We still have 2 boiled eggs, some salsichon,
 a can of cod in sauce and some olives. 
So we are ok. 

From the bar, 
follow the flechas into the center of this tiny village. 
Turn right,  pass the ayuntamiento and go to #8, 
where the mayor, Pedro, will stamp your credential, 
collect your 5 euros, and give you the keys. 

Then follow the flechas one more block to the albergue. 

It is perfect. 
A gem. 
Nice kitchen, 10 beds, hot water. 


The tiny albergue

A nice kitchen

A good bathroom/shower

And it looks like we are alone once again. 

Me gusta mucho el Camino de Madrid!

Tomorrow we leave at dawn to beat the heat. 

18 k should put us in the next town by noon

Buen Camino!

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