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Wednesday, May 14, 2014

May 14 to Sahagun

This morning I made the decision to leave the Madrid route. I thought I would spend a day or two in Vallodolid. But the honest truth is the minute I saw how large and busy the city was, I became overwhelmed and knew I had to go back to crowded civilization in smaller steps.

So I've taken the train to Sahagun and found a very sweet Hostal for the night. 

I found this room walking into town from the train station. It is on the left hand side as you go toward town. The name of the Hostal is Hostal Pacho. They have a website at and also have a Facebook page

The cost is 15 euros for a single, and 25 euros for a double. My room is ensuite. 

When I rang the bell, the door was answered by the SeƱora, who escorted me up the stairs to a bright sunny room with twin beds, a balcony, and a BATHTUB! 

I was asked if I would like dinner and agreed. Dinner was at 3 pm and cost 8 euros. Breakfast tomorrow is 2 euros. It's a very good value!

Lorenzo y Pilar have been married for 61 years!  A lovely couple, they are very friendly and youthful!  They ran a bar/Hostal here for many years. 

The dinner was home-cooked and quite good.  I had macaroni, salad, beefsteak, and potatoes. I finished with an orange, home made 'iron cookies' and coffee. All for 8 euros!

The couple's granddaughter, Irene, showed up for dinner and we laughed as both Lorenzo and Pilar kept insisting we eat more and more!  I finally had to push away from the table and find my bed for a nice siesta.

If you are in Sahagun and want a break from albergue life...  If you'd like a home cooked meal and a personal touch, Please try Hostal Pacho!  For me, it is perfect!

Oh yes, and they have free wifi!!

Buen Camino!

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