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Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Museu de Navarre

The museum is closed Mondays but if you are here any other day, the hours are regular Spanish hours. Open in the morning from 10 til 2 pm then from 5 til 7.30 pm. 

4 floors of art and archaeology. Today it was free!

There is a fantastic statue here of Michael the Archeangel!

I love the faces on these Jacob Bouttats paintings (Sig XVII). 

In the 15th century, breast feeding in public was still politically correct!  Even the Holy Mother did it!

Cool armor!

They have some incredibly well preserved Roman mosaic floors!

On the way home I took a few photos. I love the high narrow-streeted neighborhoods here!

By the way, see the name of the street, 'Zapataria?'  The streets in this area were named according to what businesses were run here. This was where shoes were made, repaired, and sold. Thus, Zapataria. Other streets are Carneceria (butcher shops), Called de Bolserias (purse makers), Calceteros (sock makers), and Pellejeria (leather workers). 

There have always been various ethnic neighborhoods - the native Basques, the Jews, the Francos, the Mudejars and they feared and hated each other which is one reason Pamona doesn't have a lot of medieval architecture. It constantly was being destroyed by fighting!  It's another reason the city streets are like a maze. Each neighborhood was walled and had its own plan. Now those inner walls are down but the chaoatic streets remain. 

I suggest you take a day and go get lost in Pamona!  As long as you stay inside the old city walls you will never be more than a 20 minute walk from your Hostal. 
Soon, you will recognize landmarks and will be able to find your way around like a local!

Buen Camino!

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