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Monday, May 05, 2014

To Cercedilla

The guide says today's walk is flat and 19 k. 
I'd say we walked at LEAST 25k today. 

We walked 7 hours today 
and much if it was up and down some pretty steep trail. 

That said, I don't have the words to describe the beauty of this trail. 

If you want to make your day shorter here are a couple of suggestions:

1. At Mataelpino you have a choice of going into town to the right or continuing straight. We continued straight because we had food. We passed a good cold fountain in that village. 

2. After leaving Mataelpino you walk on the side of the highway for a bit and then the trail crosses the road and goes off to the right OR continues straight. We turned right. It was a pretty walk but took us many steep kilometers more than if we would have stayed straight and in the end dumped us back out at the highway. If I do it again, I will go straight  

3. Again, at Navacerrada, you have a choice. Stay to the highway or turn off left to the 'pueblo.'  If you turn off you find yourself in a lovely town with bars and restaurants. But then comes climbing and scrambling up steep rocky slippery trail after going through town to get BACK up to the highway, where you cross and continue the Camino on the other side. This trails puts you again at the highway. 

From there, you walk a paved road for several kilometers. You see Cercedilla on your left. You PASS Cercedilla on your left. Then the trail loops and takes you down into town. 

If you are staying at Hostal Aribel Longinus, just follow the Camino all the way through town. The Hostal is next to the railway station and is a good value at 30 euros for a twin double. 

I'm pooped so that's all for tonight. I'll post some photos. Tomorrow is the 31 k trek over the mountain. I'm thinking I will take the trail to Valsain and bus to Segovia from there. I am fairly sure I cannot walk 31k carrying this pack!


Ermita de San Isidro
Beautiful shady track
A good fountain here
Walking up this hill was HOT!
Time for a lunch break

Annie needs a rest and a short siesta!

More beautiful walking.
After a while, we turned left at this restaurant:

Then my least part of today's walk... road walking

We walked the road into Cercedilla

We had booked a room at Hostel Longino

Joe's tired... 

Our little room here was sweet!


  1. Is there luggage transport available? Is that an option? The scenery is absolutely beautiful!

    1. No bag transport. Not a taxi in sight! Lol! I feel like a wimp. Yes, the scenery is indescribably stunning!


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