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Wednesday, May 14, 2014

To Cigunuela

May 13, 2014

The walk to Simancas and then to Cingunuela was another treat for the soul. 
I feel like a broken record but it really was majestic. 

By early morning, the sun was beating down

Castle walls

Simancas has a beautiful castle, several bars, and at least one bank. 
There is free wifi at the biblioteca. 
The password is the name of the village,
and you can sit outside and get wifi 
if the doors are locked.

The police were very helpful when I needed info 
about a train to Pamplona from Sahagun. 

I met an American woman in Puente Duero 
who said she just couldn't walk through one more wheat field. 

It's hard for me to understand her boredom 
because every day on this route has made my heart sing!  
Even the one bad day was good. 

In Oregon, there is a shade of green for every letter of the alphabet, 
but I still can't get enough green.
 And this walk in May has been a painter or photographer's dream. 

The white church tower of Cigunuela 
could be seen within a kilometer or two of leaving Simancas. 

It reminded me of when I was a little girl in Central California. 
On hot summer days, riding in the pickup with my grandfather, 
I would see water ahead on the road. 
But as soon as we would get to that spot, 
the water would move further ahead. 
My grandpa got a kick out of telling me 
the puddles were drying up and the rain cloud was moving fast ahead of us. 
It was a mirage, of course, 
but it kept me constantly entertained.  
The white steeple felt like those puddles. 
The closer I got, the further it would move. 
The walk felt longer than 6 kilometers, 
but the scenery made it very enjoyable. 

I haven't seen blue skies like these since I was a child!

In Cigunuela we ate a pilgrim menu 
at a restaurant called Meson Mielga. 
The restaurant is up a road to the left as you approach the main square. 
It's past the bar up the hill on the left across from the church. 
10 euros.   

Joe had some type of really spicy HOT cabbage dish for starters 
and I had a nice cold ensalada mixta. 

Next came a pork shoulder for Joe and fried cod for me. 
I'm telling you, 
Menu del Dia is a much better value
than the Menu del Peregrino
served to pilgrims.
If you want nice helpings,
eat before 2 pm.

We finished with flan!

Our waitress kindly told us how to find the albergue. 

Our friendly waitress.

The wonderful albergue was 3 euros. 
Clean with kitchen and hot showers. 
You cannot miss it. 
The door handle shakes hands with you...literally!  

You pick up the key at #24 on the same street. 

We were the only two pilgrims here.

 I am at the bus stop now detouring to Valladolid. 
The bus arrives sometime between 10 and 10:30 am. 
I must meet my group soon in Pamona 
and am having difficulty getting a clear answer 
about bus/train service ahead.
 So I've decided to make the sure decision, 
visit Villadolid, and bus/train from there. 

Another Camino I will return to finish, 
probably next year. 
Joe has gone ahead to Wamba. 
He will finish and will meet me in Pamplona later. 

It has been a joy and I'm sad to leave this route. 
But I can't take the chance of not getting to Pamplona on time.   
Here are a few more photos. 

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  1. From Puente Duero to Simancas is about 6.5 k and then another 6.5 to Cignuela.


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