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Friday, May 09, 2014

To Nava de la Asuncion

Friday, May 9, 2014. 

* * * 

We have gotten used to being alone on this Camino. It's very much like the Camino Frances was before it became a tourist attraction. The solitude has been nice and so when we ended up sleeping with 3 other pilgrims (the only others we have seen) in the tiny albergue last night, we made a decision to slow down and let them pass. 

Today, we only walked 12 kilometers. 

Leaving town, follow the flechas to the end of the village. 
Then, watch carefully 
because the Camino turns OFF the dirt track you are following 
and goes downhill toward the village to your left. 

You walk alongside the road for a while 
and eventually turn off to the right into another pine forest. 

More pine forest walking

You will pass at least one good fountain in a nice picnic area. 
A detour around a gravel pit, then soon you arrive in Nava. 

Follow the arrows straight to the door of Marguerita at Pastelaria Rosana. 
This beautiful friendly ambassador 
will stamp your credential and give you a map of the town. 
She will have you sign the pilgrim book and direct you to the ayuntamiento. 

Joe with Marguerita
If you are lucky, she will gift you an ice cold pastry. 

Although Marguerita told us to get the keys to the brand new albergue at the ayuntamiento, we were told by THEM to go to the Cultural Hall at 2:30 pm. 

There, we were met, paid our 7 euros, 
and taken to a beautiful brand new albergue. 

The Albergue is no longer in the bull ring!

There is a beautiful new albergue here.
7 euros per person
Dorms with 2, 10, and 12 beds

Showers, but brrrrrr!  
They are barely lukewarm

But I'm not complaining!
Lovely place.

Our room has only two beds. I believe there are over 40 beds here. 
There is a fridge and microwave but no stove. 

We are the only two pilgrims here. 

It is heaven!

Brand new mattresses!

View from my dorm window. 


  1. I envy you walking in that solitude. I walked 2012 and 2013 and met 3 walking pilgrims in 2 years. Dont miss the albergue in Castromonte ;-)

    Roger from Sweden

    1. Hi Roger. It has been heaven! And I've gotten so used to the solitude I was literally unable to stay in Valladolid today. Too many people! Unfortunately I will have to come back next year and finish this route. That seems to happen often. My family has a large gathering each year the 1st of May ANSI usually start my group walk around the 15th so my walk before picking up the group is cut short. But I absolutely loved this route! It's my new favorite!


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