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Tuesday, May 13, 2014

To Puente Duero


Got lost today. So pay attention. 
We began early because of the heat,
and it was actually cold first thing this morning
so I was all wrapped up and sleepy eyed.

We stopped after an hour or two for breakfast.

The sun was beginning to warm our bones.

The walking was gorgeous...

We stopped by a riverside for lunch.

Soon we were in Valdestillas.

The walk through town was nice,
and we found a bar, where we had a cold beer.

This mosaic tiled house was pretty

Ok.. see this bride?
Pay attention.
When you cross this bridge, wake up!

When you come out of Valdestillas, after you pass the train station,
after you cross the bridge, 
DO NOT cross over the highway to the right and 
do not walk directly into or around the forest!!! 
You will see yellow flechas.
Those yellow flechas are wrong!   

There is one milario 
with a very clear flecha on it leading into the forest. 

There is a tree with an old faded fletcha 
indicating a path circling the forest to the left. 

Instead, look for flechas along the carretera. 
We walked about 6-8k out of our way yesterday.
 My poor feet were battered!

When we stopped at a bar along the highway for a cold drink, 
we were so hungry, 
we ate the pinchos before tempering to take a photo !  
Oh, it was good!  
A seafood salad. 

An excellent seafood salad
The Albergue at Puente Duero is another good albergue. 
A lovely garden area where pilgrims can pick their own salad. 
Our hospitalero, Arturo, was friendly and helpful. 

No wifi. 
Two small markets and a cash machine. 
Be prepared to walk a bit to the market.

Pick your own salad.
The rooms were tiny and beds were close together,
but it was a lovely albergue!

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