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Thursday, May 01, 2014

We're on our way!

Patty was right on time for our ride to the airport. I got about four hours sleep last night so hopefully I will sleep on the plane. I was just too excited to sleep!

The sun was just rising as we got into the car. I was so thankful for Patty's help. We talked nothing but 'Camino' all the way to the airport. In 8 days, Patty will be on her way to St. Jean Pied de Port herself, to finish the Camino walk she started with our group, Anniewalkers, two years ago. 

Getting through TSA was stressful. A note to those who may be thinking if sewing their money belt into their clothes; if there is RFID protection in the belt it will set off the alarm. What a fiasco !  We were actually in the 'fast line' but it turned into the snail line when we couldn't figure out what was setting off the alarm. I was afraid I'd have to strip naked to get through the danged thing!  Just be aware when you see in the pocket and don't use one with RFID protection. 

Joe had to double check the schedule when we looked at our tickets and saw it took right hours to get to Philadelphia. Wow!  Really!?  Seems like our other flights across the USA have only taken 6 at the most. 

Anyway, were sitting at the gate now, waiting to board. Looking forward to being in Spain. 

Love, Annie

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