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Sunday, December 06, 2015

To Hospital del Orbigo and Astorga

2006 Autumn
Joe's enjoying his tortilla y pan

Joe and Frida at Karl Leisner Parochial Albergue
Joe slept inside in the albergue
I slept in my tent out under the full moon

Sunrise next morning
A nice picnic area on the way to Astorga
The last little bit up into Astorga is steep

The Gaudi Episcopal Palace is worth seeing!

In 2006, we stayed at San Javier albergue in Astorga and loved it. However, in 2009, when I went there, it was crawling with bedbugs. I told the owner and requested my money back. He complied and just shrugged. I checked back a couple of years later and they were still infested. It is a shame, really, when so many albergues work hard to keep the bugs under control and a large albergue such as San Javier just shrugs. Since then, I have either booked private lodgings or I have stayed in the Municipal Albergue, which is clean and bedbug free. There's nothing wrong with it and if I were not booking private digs, I'd not hesitate to stay in the Municipal in Astorga.

2009 Spring
In 2009, we stayed in the Municipal Albergue in Astorga. It was clean and well run and only cost €3 at that time. 

Our favorite stop for breakfast tortilla on the way into Astorga

Joe rests on the dining terrace of the Municipal Albergue

Ummmm... I think Joe's too tall?

2012 - Autumn
In September, 2012, the walking was warm and pretty in Astorga.

2013 Spring

In 2013, I met another peregrina on the trail, 
and we decided to share a room at The Spa Hotel. 
It was luscious!

This time, I visited the Guadi Episcopal Palace, 
but also spent time in the Museu de los Caminos, 
which is a very sweet little museum located at the palace. 
There I saw Madonna statues dating from before the 8th Century. 
Inside the Episcopal Palace

2014 Spring/Summer
In 2014, our dinner in Astorga was
oh... so... good!
I poked around and found a restaurant 
with good ventilation,
so I was able to sit down with the group.
Dinner in Astorga

NEVER pack a bag this large!


2015 Autumn

There are angels in the courtyard

Dinner in Astorga

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