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Tuesday, December 01, 2015

To San Nicholas

We passed by Castrojeriz and climbed Alto Mostelares 
before arriving at San Nicholas.

Another highlight. We arrived early, but sat and visited so as to be there when they opened. What a beautiful little place and what a magical night!

This water pump was what we used in 2006 but it is no longer there.

Waiting for the doors to open

This shepherd stopped by for a drink!

Dinner was by candlelight - no electricity

Ensalada mixta, bread, spaghetti and wine!

My Portuguese friends and I had fun!


2013 Spring

In 2013 I stopped by San Nicholas hoping to sleep there again, but it was too early in the day and they weren't taking people in yet. I decided to push on to Boadilla (see next blog post).

I did manage to snap some photos...

The walk there was stunning, as always

They had it so pretty inside this year

Some of the beds are downstairs and a few upstairs

The pump is no longer there  :(

Backside of the building

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