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Wednesday, May 16, 2018


After a frazzled rush to get to our bus, we arrived with 10 minutes to spare. Beth showed up about three minutes later and we all boarded the bus to Pamplona. That the bus by the way, stops at Soria , where you make an easy change. The nice bus driver gave us a few minutes to find the servicios (toilets.)

When the bus stopped in Pamplona, a flood of pilgrims seem to come from nowhere to gather their backpacks and make the transfer to the SJPP bus.

We decided it was time for coffee before we walked to our hotel.

The poor weather in the United States has caused several of the other girls to have delayed flights. Hopefully everyone will make it in safely by tomorrow.

After coffee, Beth headed off to her hostal  and Jenny and I to our hotel.

A quick shower and then we were off for tapas.  I really should’ve taken photos but I’m a bit brain foggy after the flight and I forgot to do it.  We stopped by Caminoteca and bought some walking sticks for 20 Euros.

I also wanted to walk to Beth’s hostal to make sure she got in OK.  Good thing I did because the lady made her pay even though I had supplied my credit card number when I booked the room.

Now I’m happily laying in my cozy bed ready to get a good nights sleep.
It’s so good to be here.

More tomorrow.

(Jennifer’s feet on the Pamplona Camino Waymark)

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