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Wednesday, May 16, 2018


I did a bit of shopping while I was out yesterday. The local Carrefour Market was one stop. There, I picked up some plain Greek yogurt in a 4-pack for only 81 cents. At 20 cents each, a yogurt each day keeps my gut bacteria strong and healthy. The yogurt travels well in my backpack and does not need to be refrigerated. Yogurt, after all, is fermented milk so if anything, it gets stronger by the day. A quick whiff will let you detect any “off” odor, but I generally carry yogurt for the four days it takes to eat it with no problems. 

Small packets of Kleenex tissue are convenient to carry in your pack. This way you are prepared for bars and restaurants who do not supply toilet paper. At 12 packets for 1 Euro, they are a value. I split a package with Jenny.

They had these 8 ounce water bottles for 35 cents each. I bought one for each side pocket of my pack. 

I love rice pudding!  I found these individual containers, 4 for 1.29 Eros. 

Both the rice puddings and yogurts will live on the cool windowsill of my room for the days we are in Pamplona. 

We stopped by Caminoteca, the little pilgrim shop in Pamplona, and we each picked up a set of walking sticks for 20 Euros. 

I did some hand wash. I couldn’t find a convenient place to hang my stretch clothesline so I settled for the closet after rolling each piece in a towel and stepping on it to get out the excess water. Everything is nice and dry this morning. 

After laundry, I hunkered down for a wonderful unbroken sleep, feeling the gratitude of a pilgrim for a warm room and a real bed!  

I woke up this morning about 4 am. My body is adjusting well to the time change!  I caught up on emails and my blog. Breakfast is at 6 am. Later this morning I will go to Vodafone to get the SIM card for my iPhone. I also forgot my spork, so I’ll drop by the China store for a small spoon. Eating yogurt last night without a soon was, well, interesting. LOL!  I want to go to the Museu Navarre today, and walk for at least an hour. 

Then, I’ll head back to the hotel and wait for the rest of the group to arrive. 

Buen Camino!

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