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Friday, June 08, 2018


In Pedrouzo is the perfect place for the pilgrim weary of pilgrim plates. It is the Bar O’Pedrouzo. If you are VERY lucky you will get in without a reservation. But to be safe you should secure your table early. Every table except mine had a ‘reserved’ sign on it!

Lunch begins at 1:30 and there is one thing on the menu:  Veal Steak served with a hot stone on which you cook your own!

The menu comes with a great mixed salad, chips, bread, drink of your choice and coffee or dessert. 

Additionally, you are given a salt cellar with rough salt and a garlic oil sauce with which to cook the meat. 

All for 15 euros. 

Postre: Tarta de queso!

Not to be missed!


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