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Tuesday, June 05, 2018

To Portomarin

Rain, rain, go away!
I hear it’s sunny and warm in Portland, Oregon. 
Ha! Ha! The joke’s on me!

The walk to Casa Morgade was wet but beautiful. From there I caught a 30 euro (yikes!) taxi to Portomarin to meet up with one of my pilgrims who is having a rough go. 

If these old walls could talk . . .

When I arrived at Albergue Ultreia, Carmen and Luis were there to greet me with their big hugs and sunny smiles!  I just love these people!  

Carmen presented me with a special Tarta de Portomarin for our group. She is so sweet and always so happy to see me. It’s like coming home. Luis bought me a coffee because I was cold. The rooms are spotless and inviting as usual. 

Got my washing done. Got my dinner shopping done. Life is good!

Tomorrow- Palas de Rei. 

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  1. I have fond memories of Portomarin and the party we had on our balcony. It was sunny & hot back then. Hope everyone in your group are doing well. You're almost there!


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