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Sunday, November 06, 2011

8 Days on the Via de la Plata - DAY 6 - El Real de la Jara to Monesterio

August 28 Friday

We began, as usual, in the wee hours. 
The castle on the hill was such a beautigul sight,
with the light of the rising sun behind it. 
Soon, we could once again see the familiar landscape.
After a while, we came across this chapel,
lying in ruins.
What a shame.
It seemed like it may have been a lovely place
in the past.
I wish someone would take it over
and refurbish it.
It could be a lovely stop for pilgrims.

For me, this was another difficult day.
I'm just not made to walk in this heat, I guess.
My feet began hurting after about 5 hours,
and the last part of the journey was stop and start and stop and start.

The landscape this time of year is so barren,
I can't imagine why anyone would choose to walk it.
I definitely will return in the springtime,
when my friend, Lillian, promises cooler temperatures
and lots of beautiful wildflowers!

We arrived in Monesterio
7 hours later
to learn there was no longer an albergue here.

The Hostal Maya at the begininning of the twon
charged 40 Euro for a doble - 
out of our budget this trip -
so we continued up the hill to 
the Hostal Extremadura
and paid 15 Euro
for an airconditioned, ensuite room!

It was just fine!
Television, 2 beds, and air conditioning.
Oh yeah!

I went straight to bed for a siesta
while Joe did our laundry.
What a guy!

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When I woke up I went shopping
for some comfortable shoes
and found these blue croc knock-offs
for 3 Euro at a local "dollar store."
This Cafeteria DP, by the way, 
is an EXCELLENT place to eat!
Their pilgrim menu just kept coming!
First they brought a nice cold salad,
then a big bowl of Cuerves soup,
with bread, butter, and wine.
I was thinking, "Wow! That was a great meal" 
when the guy showed up with a huge plate
of steak and potatoes!
We finished off with dessert -
I had ice cream.
All for about 8 Euros.
It was fantastic!

We were so exhausted and hot,
we went to our room
and watched a weird Patrick Swayze movie
in Spanish.
We both slept hard and good.

Next morning, 
we explored Monesterio,
after deciding to make this a rest day.

We took breakfast at the hotel
for 2.20 Euro each.
Two café and two hefty slices of tostada
and we were ready to go!

We visited the Hermita
and the lady next door was kind enough
to unlock it and let us look around.
What a beautiful little church!

This is a lovely little town with beautiful buildings.

Storks were nesting above the belfry

Monesterio has a really nice Museu de Via de la Plata.
Be sure and stop for a visit!
After touristing about, 
we returned to our nice air conditioned room
and I took a REAL bath!
Granted, the tub was only big enough for one foot
but I managed to squeeze into it
and soak.
It was heavenly!

Dinner was at the hotel;
a pilgrim's meal for 7.50 Euro.
Pasta, clamari, salad, ice-cold melon and wine.

It was then "early to bed"
for an early start in the cool morning air tomorrow.

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