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Thursday, May 24, 2012

Day 10: The Road to Ruesta

The 30 k walk to Ruesta today was probably my limit as far as distance goes.
Advice: start EARLY and take plenty of water. 
There is no place to fill your bottles and there is very little shade on most of the trail.

We began by leaving Arres about 8 am. 
After a steep descent we turned to look back at the storybook skyline. 
What a sweet place! 

Looking back at Arres up on the hilltop

Soon we were walking through lush wheat fields 
dotted with wildflowers of every hue. 
There were interesting geological formations
 and the trail ran parallel to the river where a lone cuckoo kept calling. 

I think he was saying
 'You people are CUCKOO to be walking in this heat! 
For the weather has certainly turned summer. 

Another Pilgrim left us a message!

Be careful... sometimes the signs are down

 Last night was very special as we ate our communal dinner then stood on the edge of the hill to watch the sunset. It reminded me of my young days camping with my grandparents. Each night we would walk to sunset rock in Sequoia National Park to silently watch the sun sink below the horizon.

Back to the descent... 

We had decided early to pass by Artieda
based on my experience and the experience of some of my fellow pilgrims
2 years ago.
The owner's son is very nice.
The owner lady is not very nice at all,
refusing to give water to pilgrims,
and separating us out from her regular customers,
and not in a good way.
So, rather than spend my money here,
I chose to walk on to Ruesta.

After passing Artieda at about 21 k 
we walked along the road for about 6 kilometers more 
and then took a sharp uphill trail.

 From there we walked a shady path for what seemed forever until finally we emerged at Ruesta!

Dang, my feet hurt!

Here is a photo of the Roman Road at Ruesta. 
It looks as if they laid It yesterday!

The ruins here are awesome and there's plenty to explore.

The Albergue here costs a little more than usual,  but is worth it. 
Pilgrims pay 12 euros to sleep, or 22 half pension. 
 Dinner was good. 
A huge salad, pork ribs, peas, carrots, 
the ever-present fries, wine, bread, 
and a pudding dessert.

I'm full.
I'm tired.
I'm going to bed.
Goodnight world.


  1. The warm sunshine showered you with uplifted spirit. Have a great weekend! See you in Pamplona :-)


  2. Thanks! Sorry I wasn't too good about answering these comments. I was working off my iPhone and posting comments was difficult, for some reason.


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