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Sunday, May 06, 2012

One More Sleep to Barcelona

Today is crazy packing day!

I have packed and repacked several times and hopefully, this is it.
No turning back.

My backpack has been hosed off, hopefully all the permethrin is gone.
It's hanging in the backyard, sunning and drying.

Everything I need for 5 months of living in Europe is on my bed in stuff bags:
Inside the big dark blue bag is my down sleeping bag.

Inside the small dark red bag is my blowup sleeping pad:
Inside the bright blue bag are 2 capri walking shorts with 2 shirts, rolled up, 
and my Tilley hat.
Inside the grey stuff bag are my rain pants, my fleece gloves, 
and a lightweight grey fleece

Inside the orange stuff bag are an assortment of items
 bundled in ziplock bags:
1) sleepmask, earplugs, LED light
2) Red small first aid bag
3) bandana and TP
4) Plugs and cords for electronics
5) Instant coffee and plastic cutlery
6) emery board and tips for my poles
7) soap in soapbox and washcloth
8) muslin bath towel
9) The little blue thing up at the top is a necktie 
that you can soak in water and it keeps you cool. 
When it dries, it's about the thickness of a piece of paper. 
I love this in hot weather!

That's it.

My nysil pack cover goes in the front pocket.
My guide book goes in the side pocket.
My fanny pack holds:
1) camera/phone
2) cash

My black money belt goes around my waist inside my pants 
and holds my passport, credit card, and large Euro bills.


Oh yes, we are checking the walking sticks and screen tent. 
Went to the sports store yesterday and begged a box. 
We have a few days in Barcelona, 
so hopefully they will make it on the same day we arrive:

I hope I can sleep tonight  :)
Buen Camino, Peregrinos!
I'm off!
See you on The Way...

PS: You can click on the images to make them larger

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but aren't quite ready to do it alone,
see my website:
for more information about
Guided Walks on the Camino Santiago 
and on other Pilgrimage Trails of Europe


  1. you keep your bandana and toilet paper in the same bag :)

  2. That bandana is for using when I urinate along the trail.


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